#TBT “What is White Liberal Guilt?”

This episode of #BreakingDownRacism tackles the causes and cures of White Liberal Guilt. Originally uploaded May 2015.

Written by: Finn Brigham
Directed by: Andrew Hoyles and Jonas Gonzales
Researched by: Jillian Burford
Narrated by: Dr. Robin J. Hayes and Finn Brigham

Series created by Dr. Robin J. Hayes.



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  1. BDJ

     /  December 17, 2015

    White folks are not guilty about a damn thing they do or have done! That’s some BS they invoke while sipping white wine and gentrifying minority neighborhoods! With the help of Black leaders in the community, i.e. Calvin Butts in Harlem: Charles.
    Rangle also in Harlem. Pick a state and I will name an ass in that state that sold his/her sole to drink that wine and eat that cheese right along with O’fay!
    Chicago’s Mayor sat on the tape of a young brother being murdered for over a year because it served his political aspirations at the time! Now he wants to shed a tear: PLEASE! He needs to shed that pinstripe suit for a orange jump suite!
    Then the people of chi-town can shed a tear for his ass!
    Take care!



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