Your Creativity is Welcome! Former Social Media Designers Lauren Silver and Claudie Mabry, Program Director and Managing Editor Lynda Nguyen, Editor-in-Chief Robin J. Hayes, PhD and Former Managing Editor Justin Jones

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Progressive Pupil blog. Please review the following information about sending the editors your original creative work and updates about local events and community organizing.

Email for information about including the blog in your high school or college classroom curricula, organizing a Progressive Pupil ImageVoice Workshop for your community organization, campus group or congregation or partnering your blog with Progressive Pupil for one of our monthly themes.

Original Creative Work

The editors are excited about the prospect of publishing your original creative work.  Progressive Pupil is especially interested in supporting writers, artists, scholars, designers and filmmakers in the early stages of their careers, who are committed to advancing racial equality and social justice.

Progressive Pupil publishes the following:

  • Writing
    • Journalism
    • Nonfiction Essays
    • Poetry
    • Film, Book, Music and Art Reviews
    • Fiction
  • Photography
  • Photos and/or video of your original visual art, performance art, music or sound installations
  • Links to original interactive design such as games, apps or websites
  • Original short films or trailers for feature length work

Spreading the Word

This blog and social media are part of how Progressive Pupil promotes civic participation and provides information about how to be part of the solution to racial discrimination.  Let us know about the important work you are doing to advance racial equality and social justice in the United States and/or internationally.  The editors are particularly interested in spreading the word about:

  • Local community, student and youth organizing and advocacy campaigns
  • Art exhibitions
  • Scholarly research that addresses the needs and concerns of Black communities
  • Educational programs and special events
  • Community-based festivals and conferences
  • Teaching tools and classroom resources for high schools and colleges


Formatting Guidelines

The editors ask that your writing be 750 words maximum and accompanied by at least one high-resolution image (minimum 720 dpi) and caption appropriate to the work.  No more than three digital still images can accompany one writing submission.  Although at least one digital still must accompany your work, you can also send links to video on vimeo or YouTube.

Reproductions of your visual art, performance art or sound installations can be in the form of a high resolution digital still (minimum 720 dpi) or .mov file (maximum 4 minutes).  A brief summary of the work and artist’s bio (maximum 500 words) must accompany the image.

Interactive design can be sent to the editors as hyperlinks with a brief summary of the work and designer’s bio (maximum 500 words).  A high resolution digital still (minimum 720 dpi) must also accompany the links and summary.

Short films and trailers for feature length works can be sent as .mov files (maximum 4 minutes) or as hyperlinks to footage on vimeo or YouTube.  A high-resolution digital still (minimum 720 dpi) in addition to a written description of director’s bio, film’s story and intended audiences (maximum 500 words) must also accompany films.

Information to help Progressive Pupil spread the word about your organizing, advocacy or teaching can be a press release or brief summary  (500 word maximum).  Text should be accompanied by a high-resolution photograph (minimum 720 dpi) with a caption.  You can also include a link to video on vimeo or YouTube or original footage (maximum 4 minutes).

Links to video on vimeo are much preferred to those on YouTube.  Original creative work, press releases, announcements and summaries should be emailed as separate attachments—never in the body of the email.  Photographs must be attached separately with text documents—never embedded in text.  All work should be carefully proofread for grammar, spelling and factual accuracy.  The sources of photographs/video should be identified by name in your caption and the photographer/director should be named if known. Video files not currently uploaded to vimeo or youtube should be sent via to

Please email your original creative work or information about your local organizing, advocacy or teaching to by the 5th of each month for publishing consideration.  In the subject of the email, please write the month you believe your work should be posted (according to the monthly themes or the date of your event) followed by the post’s suggested title.  For example: October – African Origins of Twerking.  In the body of the email, include how you would like your byline to read. For example: by W.E.B. DuBois, Founder The Crisis.  Last, feel free to tell the editors any background information you feel might be relevant to their consideration of the work.

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