Black and Cuba Roadshow

Happy Black History Month! 

There’s still time to share #BlackandCuba with your campus community and have an inspiring dialogue about race, activism and social justice. ✊🏿and🇨🇺 

Contact our Outreach Director Shannon Shird to schedule a screening.

Happy Black History Month!

How to Write Your Loved Ones in Prison

See more at the 9 GRAMS channel on YouTube

Watch Black and Cuba on Amazon VOD

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Heal Your Inauguration Blues!


FREE Streaming “Black and Cuba” and Other Films

Students and professors looking for FREE movies to stream? Watch Black and Cuba and other thoughtful films anywhere thru your campus library subscription to kanopy “Netflix for Colleges”

#BuyBlack Gift Ideas Under $25

Happy Everything!


Black and Cuba on DVD – for your conscious mom/dad, aunt/uncle, or cousin who loves their Black film library and had a big afro in the ’70s. You can also get it on iTunes.


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Black and Cuba Soundtrack Now on Spotify

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#NowPlaying at the Progressive Pupil office

 solange a seat at the table

Enjoy this custom playlist by our outreach director Shannon Shird. Lemonade a Seat at the Table

Last Chance

Today, the New York Times reported in an astonishing video on racist, islamophobic, homophobic and misogynist statements emboldened by the Orange one at his campaign rallies. One attendee remarks, “this is the last chance…to preserve the culture I grew up in.” Please share with a friend who is considering not voting this election year.