Lets Talk About Sex

Image Courtesy of ShutterShock.

Image Courtesy of ShutterShock.

Ladies: Are you able to talk to your gynecologist, or other health care providers, about problems “down there?”  Many women do not feel comfortable speaking with their doctors about sexual topics, either because they’re afraid of being judged, or because they’re afraid of embarrassing their doctors. Apparently, doctors also do not feel comfortable speaking about this topic. A 2012 University of Chicago survey of more than 1,000 obstetrician-gynecologists found that less than half of the doctors asked their patients about sexual problems. Only two-thirds of them ask how sexually active their patients were. Approximately 25% of them, doctors with strong religious beliefs and some international medical graduates, disapprove of their patients’ sexual practices.

I Like it Like That

Students from the New School are trying to shed some light on 100 Hispanic Women, Inc. through dialog with 90s cinema. Darnell Martin’s 1994 dramedy  “I Like it Like That” details the seemingly insurmountable hardships facing Latina women in New York that hope to achieve anything and it is 100 Hispanic Women’s mission and business to see that Spanish speaking women from all walks of life succeed in politics, medicine and any field that will shape their own destiny and those of the communities around them.

by Samantha Eskine and Alexis Posey