“Dear White People” or Nah?

Way back in 2006, when I was a plump faced freshman at Johns Hopkins, I got my first taste of proper American racism. That year the big Halloween party was called “Halloween in the Hood.” The ladies were encouraged to come dressed as “hoodrats, skig skags, or scallywhops” and one too many guys tried to be your dark skin friend that looks like Michael Jackson. Our Black Student Union protested for weeks but not much had changed. Eight years later, the darling of the independent film scene is a small film about Black kids at a prestigious, predominantly White, institution dealing with a racist Halloween party called “Dear White People.” Somebody must have dropped the top on their whip, because I feel some type of way.


A Toast to Activism Row!



AFROPUNK has come and gone leaving shards of cowry shells and trampled kente cloth blowing in the breeze around Commodore Barry Park. Now that we’ve put away our gold and washed off our blue lipstick, we here at Progressive Pupil can’t thank you all enough for your support on the success of Activism Row.


Progressive Pupil’s Top 5 Christmas Songs of All Time (This Year)


Photo courtesy of Groovecollector.com

There are two undeniably amazing things about Best Man Holiday. First, its one of 2.5 competently made feature films starring a predominantly Black cast (I can’t attest to the competency of any Tyler Perry film but it was made, so…). Second, its soundtrack is too dope for its own good. Its a great film to remind us all of how much fantastic pop music has been made in the spirit of the holiday season. In that same spirit we here at Progressive Pupil want to offer up some of our favorite songs to be the soundtrack to your Christmas.


Happy Thanksgiving?

We’ve talked a lot about genocide and cruelty this month (and most months) here at Progressive Pupil. We don’t like to shy away from the truth and the fact of the matter is that American history particularly that of the indigenous peoples of this land is pretty grizzly if not outright horrifying. It’s important to us that our readers and followers have the most complete and honest understanding of history that we can offer. In spite of all of the atrocities that this country’s seen we should all hold one truth dear: At some point someone discovered gravy and it was delicious.  Gravy is still pure (if you don’t mind the salt). Gravy is still pure. I know I’m grateful.

by Justin Jones

Thinking is a Habit in David Banner’s “Walking With Gods”

david-banner (1)

Photo courtesy of Derek Blanks

If you’ve seen any of the latter episodes of Issa Rae’s “Awkward Black Girl” you will be more than familiar with the production quality and look of David Banner’s “Walking With Gods”. He’s no Gordon Parks Jr. when it comes to directing super-fly action sequences but Banner can tell a pretty exciting visual story.  What’s sets WWG apart from the ever-growing slew of web series aimed at audiences of color is  that it’s a decent piece of Afrofuturism from the guy that made “Like a Pimp”.