The Color of Gods & Kings


Contrary to popular belief, we’re not far from the days of Blackface, Yellowface, Brownface and Redface in Hollywood. We’ve moved on though–in a different way. Moved away from the blatantly offensive practice of soaking white actors in makeup to portray offensive stereotypes, to the casting of white actors for roles that would be perfectly suited for people of color, or roles that certainly call for a person of color as a performer. Whitewashing is all the rage.

‘Tis The Season


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As the year wraps up, many don their gay apparel to partake in the practice of charity. The influence of Christianity as the dominant religion of the United States finds space in the lives of seculars and believers. It comes as no surprise then, that the values and traditions associated with the holiday of Christmas have transcended religious barriers and have shaped our understanding of the days leading up to it. For Christians, however, the holiday is not just one of spiritual significance. It comes with a strong social agenda of servitude to those in need. This spirit of joyful giving, as a personal note, is what I find the most valuable from any set of belief, and what I would love to see all through the year on greater scales and deeper levels. For those with ears to hear, let them hear: Liberation theology can provide a way.