Funding Opportunities for the Social Entrepreneur

Do you have an idea to help build social awareness and support our communities? It can seem like a daunting task to get these ideas off the ground and turn them into reality, especially considering the cost of establishing an organization. Luckily, funds are available for the social entrepreneur. In this series, I explore some of the funding opportunities for activists, scholars, students, artists, teachers and allies. If you know of any opportunities, or you’ve had experiences with social entrepreneurship funders, let us know in the comments!

Echoing Green, a nonprofit organization devoted to developing the next generation to solve the world’s biggest problems, offers over $2 million in seed funding to a diverse group of social entrepreneurs every year. Their highly competitive Echoing Green Fellowship is a two-year fellowship that provides up to $90,000 to launch new organizations. In addition, their Alumni Program fosters a lasting community of Fellows and encourages continued peer learning, shared access to useful resources, and a lifetime commitment to positive social change.