Still Getting Stares: The Modern Interracial Couple


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Walking the streets of Manhattan every day, I’m unfazed by interracial couples. It’s nothing new or exciting to me. So it puzzles me that there are people who think otherwise. Most areas in the country are not as progressive as New York. There are people all over that do not agree with interracial couples, claiming that people should date within their own race. It is extremely common to hear the people that say they do not accept interracial couples, while also protesting they are not racist. But how could this be? How could someone who is not racist want to keep people of different races apart? There is no way. Those who find a problem with interracial love have some issue with people who are of a different race then they are. Racism is not always so cut and dry. When most people think of racism, they think back to how people treated people of a different race before the Civil Rights movement. They think of separate water fountains and separate schools. But racism also includes thinking people of different races do not belong together. It proves that there are people that still don’t believe that all humans are humans no matter their race and that these humans can find love with any other human. They see a difference between people just because of their skin color. No more than ever, interracial couples are accepted around the country, but we have a long way to go before they are accepted by everyone.

by, Dylan Frand, Non Profit Management degree candidate at the New School for Public Engagement. 

Five House DJs of Color You Need to Know (and 5 who are just dope)


Thanks to artists like Lady Gaga, Diplo, and Daft Punk Electronic Dance Music (EDM), has become the dominant force in pop music today. When we remember electronic artists of the past thoughts of Fatboy Slim and Moby’s bald head may come to mind but long before it became the soundtrack to European debauchery and car commercials EDM was once the life force that kept minority clubs across America’s innercity’s bumping. If you believe that Skrillex as as soulful as dance music gets here are five names that you need to know.


The Frustration of Fruitvale Station


The film ‘Fruitvale Station’ has been the cause of a lot of recent debate concerning police brutality. The movie is loosely based on the true story of the murder of Oscar Grant New Year’s night of 2009. Grant was shot by police officer Johannes Mehserle. Although the film depicts Grant’s death as an act of murder, in real life Mehserle was charged with involuntary manslaughter and only served two years in prison. The sentencing sparked protests but proves that police brutality is still an issue today. The film is an excellent example of how justice is not often served in cases like this.