Podcast: Is Altruism Real?

Does true selflessness exist? Is the non-profit sector doing more harm than good in communities of color? Black and Cuba director Dr. Robin J. Hayes sits with human rights activist Chitra Ayar – director of the Sadie Nash Project in Queens – to discuss how to fundraise with integrity this holiday season.

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Pictured Philanthropists Dr. Priscilla Chan (l.) and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (r.) 2012 Courtesy Forbes magazine.

Produced/Directed/Written by:
Miranda Fay
Patricia Lee
Racquel Samuel

Recorded at TNS_Logo1_Small_RGB in New York City.

Pictured: philanthropists Dr. Priscilla Chan (l.) and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (r.) 2012 courtesy Forbes magazine

The Battle for the Bronx


Image Courtesy of FreshDirect

In 2012, the former Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, offered millions of dollars in tax subsidies and incentives to FreshDirect so they could build a new headquarters in the South Bronx waterfront. South Bronx Unite (SBU) is a coalition of South Bronx residents and allies that have brought a multitude of legal obstacles to the FreshDirect development. The community organization contends that the new construction will disrupt the growing residential neighborhood that already has a history of environmental and health challenges.


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From Ghana, a Vision of True Independence

Development is measured by the political and socioeconomic status of a nation. As this map highlights, the “development gap,” as it is commonly known, is also divided on geographical lines. It is no coincidence that the nations that are considered “developed” have a long history of exploiting the natural and human resources of so-called “undeveloped” nations.

The effects of imperialism are still clearly visible in the 21st century. One only needs to glance at this map to see this clearly. Today in 1957 Ghana won independence from British rule and yet over 5 decades later, the United Kingdom is remains one of the world’s economic super powers  (ranked 7 GDP) while Ghana’s economy falls largely behind (ranked 85 GDP).