Are Asians the New White?


Wikipedia defines the Model Minority Myth (MMM):
refers to a minority group (whether ethnic, racial, or religious) in certain countries whose members are most often perceived to achieve a higher degree of success than the population average. This success is typically measured in income, education, and related factors such as low crime rate and high family stability.”


Afro Asian Liberation

Fred Ho - NYTimes

Fred Ho was a baritone saxophonist, composer, writer and activist who was known for the way he so eloquently, sometimes chaotically, fused jazz and traditional Chinese music to both captivate audiences and advance his political ideology. Drawn to the Black Power and Black Arts movements as a teenager, he began speaking out against injustices toward Blacks and Asians at an early age. As a young man, Ho focused more on activism than music, creating the East Coast Asian Students Union (while studying at Harvard) and later co-founding the Asian American Arts Alliance. When he took a class and was exposed to the writings of Malcolm X and other anti-oppression authors, this began to change the way that Ho saw himself. He adopted a Chinese American identity and sought not to assimilate but to walk his own path, a path that would eventually lead him back to music.

Glossary: Asian Solidarity, an Invisible Race?


“Here is what I sometimes suspect my face signifies to other Americans: an invisible person, barely distinguishable from a mass of faces that resemble it. A conspicuous person standing apart from the crowd and yet devoid of any individuality. An icon of so much that the culture pretends to honor but that it in fact patronizes and exploits…a mass of stifled, repressed, abused, conformist quasi-robots who simply do not matter, socially or culturally…” Wesley Lang

Visionary Organizing

Grace Lee Boggs’ message to Occupy Wall Street from American Revolutionary.

At the age of 96, Chinese American grassroots activist, organizer, philosopher and author Grace Lee Boggs has more than seven decades of experience in Civil Rights activism, the Black Power movement, feminism, labor rights, Asian American rights, and environmental and food justice. Boggs, along with her husband and fellow activist, James Boggs, founded Detroit Summer — a multiracial, inter-generational collective based in Detroit. This collective has been working to transform communities through youth leadership, creativity and collective action for over 20 years.


Looking for Submissions: Afro-Asian Solidarity Month

Shown: Richard Aoki displaying support for imprisoned fellow Black Panther Huey Newton.  Photo courtesy of

Shown: Richard Aoki displaying support for imprisoned fellow Black Panther Huey Newton. Photo courtesy of

Progressive Pupil is looking forward to celebrating Afro-Asian Solidarity Month in May and we need your help! Artists, teachers, activists, local business leaders, we want to hear your stories about working for racial justice in your community and share your struggles and triumphs with our readership. Essays, photo journals, film reviews and creative fiction are all welcome. Please limit submissions to 750 words or less and include at least one photo or video. Send submissions to: