Black and Cuba Scene Study: Africa is a Part of Our Being

Director Dr. Robin J. Hayes highlights an interview with Carlos Lloga on what it means to be AfroCuban.

Want to learn more? Click HERE to watch Black and Cuba in full, or check out if you are an educator looking to screen the film at your institution.

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  1. phuong nguyen

     /  September 13, 2015

    I’ve always knew that there was a population of Africans in Cuba, but I didn’t know the full history of migration of Africans into Cuba and how big of an influence of Africans heritage has played a role in the Cuban culture. The images we did see and still see of Cubans in the U.S are of non-African descendants. I think that the film, “Blacks and Cuba” is a great platform to continue the conversation and raise awareness of the impact of African heritage has on various communities around the globe that have not been acknowledged.


  2. Patricia

     /  September 28, 2015

    The Black in Cuba documentary provided me with a very different perspective on Cuba under the Castro regime. Through the media and my educational background, my view of communism was that ordinary citizens were oppressed and denied basic rights while those in power were elite and privileged. The documentary communicated just the opposite. Considering that African Americans were fighting for civil rights in the 60’s, it was illuminating to me that the Castro’s regime in 1959 made it illegal to discriminate based on race and sex and changed the educational system from private to public. It was also very interesting to learn that the Castro regime provided political asylum to African American activists and played a major role against Apartheid in South Africa.

    The documentary also highlighted the significantly higher levels of mortality, literacy and home ownership rates within the Afro-Cuban population as compared to the rates of African Americans in the U.S. Despite the 50 year US economic embargo against Cuba, Cuba has managed to provide more than the basic human rights to their citizens. Since the US is one of the richest countries in the world, It is just hard to comprehend that basic human rights in the U.S. are not taken care of by the government and there is still a debate about repealing the health care act within the legislature.



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