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TEACHERS: Will you be educating your students on Black Radical Tradition this fall? Do you need fresh discussion topics, readings, assignments, etc.? Look no further than Black and Cuba’s complete syllabus guide!

Watch Selma and then watch the award winning documentary Black and Cuba. Selma is a powerful examination of one of the key moments of the Civil Rights movement and of the man who sacrificed to ensure the movement endured. The March from Selma to Montgomery (1965) is an instance of Black Radical Tradition. Pair it with Black and Cuba to better understand the influence of Black Radical Tradition in regards to the countries of the United States and Cuba.

Selma and Black and Cuba go hand in hand as vital sources for your course. Find even more lesson plans in our complete syllabus guide today!

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  1. Black and Cuba is on my list of things to watch/read/do, but I did watch Selma. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about proximity. Bryan Stevenson, who I had the privilege of hearing live a few months back, talks about how social change can’t happen when we, agents of social change, are far away. As I understand, he’s talking about both physical and emotional distance.

    Selma struck me because I felt close, really close, to the human beings involved in the civil rights struggles of the 60s. When we lionize people (however deserved that is in this particular case), it can distance us from them. And in that distance, that lack of proximity, it’s much harder to both appreciate, and seek to emulate that heroism.

    They were scared. And the got beaten up. And they made mistakes. They were giants, to be sure. But they were also normal human beings.

    There wasn’t much in Selma that I didn’t know about, historically. But in it’s three dimensionality, it somehow made people both more heroic and more human to me.



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