Freedom Growers

Image Courtesy of Freedom Growers

Image Courtesy of Freedom Growers

In the pictures above, we see a beautiful farm and the founders of Feedom-Freedom Growers. Founders Myrtle and Wayne Curtis help their community by growing vegetables and fruits. They didn’t hire farmers or buy delivery trucks, instead they asked neighboring low-income communities to help them. People would come to the Curtis farm to help grow fruits and vegetables, while receiving getting food and groceries in exchange. Through the work of Feedom-Freedom Growers, Myrtle and Wayne Curtis transformed a neglected garbage lot, into an urban garden.
Grow a garden, grow a community,” growing food while developing consciousness is a unique combination. We explaining the mission of Feedom-Freedom Growers, Curtis Wayne says, “we are in the fresh food source movement, not to make money, but to sustain lives. Our motto is grow a garden, grow a community.” Myrtle and Wayne Curtis believe everyone has the right to fresh, healthy, and affordable food. Curtis Farm is different in many ways, in addition to providing their community with fresh and healthy produce, they also want to educate their community about the food quality in their local markets.

The Curtis farm is “not just a garden, it is a gathering place for meetings of minds, a place where history lessons and education about all things connected to life are shared.” Learning about Feedom-Freedom Growers made me happy to see that there are people trying to rebuild the beautiful city of Detroit.

By Maryam Alkhaldi

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