Be Part of the Solution

Former Social Media Designer Claudie Mabry, Principal Organizer Robin Hayes, Policy Associate Justyn Richardson and former Blog Editor Justin Jones

Many of you have asked Progressive Pupil, where is “the movement” going next?  Honestly, that depends on all of us.  This cycle of collective action is eschewing the charismatic leadership models of the past and encouraging all of us to work together and participate how we see fit. Don’t think of this movement as a giant in the hillside who is separate from you and able to sustain itself without your support. In fact, it is simply the collective work of your neighbors, colleagues, students, friends and families who are working together to be part of the solution.  

“Be part of the solution” was a slogan popularized by an earlier proponent of police accountability, the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense.  In this month’s Progressive Pupil blog, New Leader for Social Change Justyn Richardson notes a Black person is killed extra-judicially every 28 hours in this country by a security guard or police officer in America.  If you are concerned about these practices, there are 5 simple steps you can take to be part of the solution today.
  1. Follow, Like and Subscribe Progressive Pupil for updates 
  2. Share this email with like-minded family members, friends and colleagues
  3. Know the Movement’s Vision and Demands: #FergusonAction (National), #ThisStopsToday (NYC) @DreamDefenders (Florida) 
  4. Call/Email President Obama as well as your state and local officials to express your support for the #FergusonAction and #ThisStopsToday demands 
  5. Donate and/or March: Organizers need support for legal defense, movement infrastructure and supplies (through a registry at  You can also exercise your rights and peacefully demonstrate.
Please feel free to contact us at, if you have any questions or would like us to provide additional information about your actions for police accountability, racial justice and human rights.  Thank you for your past and present support.  
Yours in Solidarity,
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