Facing Race

From left to right: Shannon, Justyn, Rinku Sen (leader of Race Forward and Publisher of Colorlines) and Lynda

From left to right: Shannon, Justyn, Rinku Sen (leader of Race Forward and Publisher of Colorlines) and Lynda

Last week, Progressive Pupil attended Race Forward‘s Facing Race Conference in Dallas, TX.  Held over three days from Thursday November 13th – Saturday, November 15th, this year’s event was a unique convening that brought together activists, community organizers, educators, and allies working toward social and racial justice.

Facing Race is the “largest multiracial, inter-generational gathering for racial justice movement-making, focused on alliance-building, issue framing, and advancing solutions.” Facing Race provides a collaborative space for change-makers; attendees are provided new perspectives on movement-making and are introduced to strategies that are currently being utilized on the ground, nation-wide. Notable presenters include the National Equity Project, the Annie E Casey Foundation, the Kirwan Institute, and youth Ferguson organizers.

As members of Progressive Pupil’s New Leaders for Social Change—a program that provides mentorship and hands-on experience to students who are committed to careers advancing social justice at The New School—Shannon, Justyn, and I were given the opportunity to attend Facing Race and hear from change-makers from all over the nation. Facing Race was an incredible learning experience. From “Rainbow Warriors: Lifting Up Queer and Trans Youth Resiliency,” to “Transformative Approaches for Addressing Race, Healing and Taking Action for Equity in Schools,” the workshops renewed our commitment to the racial and social justice movement and empowered us to continue our work on racial and social equity.

By Lynda Nguyen

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  1. Switchaya y.

     /  December 4, 2014

    Since racism has been an issue for many generations, the fact that this event brought activists and community organizers from different generations together in an attempt to find better solutions around this race issue was a brilliant idea. Also, as the author mentioned, it was an amazing experience to have workshops and learn about Facing Race. I look forward to seeing more about this movement around social justice and I just hope that this event will inspire people to make a difference for our social equality.



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