Progressive Voices: Underground Rainbow


"The Red Balloon," by Paul Klee.

“The Red Balloon,” by Paul Klee.

We’ve received so many submissions for Afro-Asian solidarity month and we wanted to share some of the best art that our Progressive Pupil family has to offer. This week’s piece is “Underground Rainbow,” by Clifford Rivera.

I. Gay is the New Black

Underground Rainbow

Nina Simone: An artist’s duty is to reflect the times.

There comes a Wicked Winter, when the appalling site of Wilderness Pines (where each Porcupine Christmas Tree glistens with limp nooses) is too much to bear, just as Angelic Avengers come sweeping in to uproot Suburban Abominations. Former Slaves ~ aroused by the setting tsunami ~ leave trails of Lynched snowmen in our tundra wake, nudging intoxicated Ducks in soiled robes to Strip nekkid and expose their hung packages. Who stalks your every bewitching move toward Hanging Chads and Chinese Lanterns, pregnant with Reformed Suicide Bombers that sway back and forth, back and forth like Hosts of Debt Collectors eager to teach EEUU crooked posture dances, over and over, until the frozen laundry is plucked from the barbed wire and folded neatly into inverted rainbow mantles of Drawer Surrender?

Scavenger Hunter

You’ll find a red balloon in Chinatown, tied to a shopping cart full of soda cans and beer bottles; an orange balloon in Little India, tied to smiling Christmas lights; a yellow balloon on Long Island, tied to a broken streetlight bandaged by skateboard stickers; a green balloon at JFK, tied to the tail of Lufthansa; a blue balloon in Harlem, tied to a Sycamore tree; an indigo balloon in Alphabet City, tied to a Taxi; a violet balloon in Brooklyn, tied to a velvet rope: and a black rose in Rockland, up the steps leading to an Abandoned Asylum. That’s where you’ll find me, haunting the hallways of your Enemy.

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