Blasians: Love or Objectification?

A quick search for #blasian on Twitter returns thousands of tweets from people talking about their Afro-Asian heritage and posting pictures of themselves or their friends.  Most of the tweets highlight bits of their heritage the posters are proud of, while some have hateful undertones in their words.

Some of you may wonder what exactly the term “blasian” means.  Others of you have already guessed that it is a mash-up of “black” and “Asian.”  Reading the entries for this term on Urban Dictionary paints a decisive picture that the term is meant to indicate a person of mixed descent, one who encompasses both black and Asian heritage.

Overwhelmingly, it seems as though those with a blasian heritage embrace it fully and love their features that come from all aspects of their heritage. Unfortunately, there are plenty of vocal people on social media who use the term in a degrading fashion and rant about the parts of themselves they don’t like.

 However, It’s important to focus on the positive messaging that exists in the social media sphere. There are blogs and other forums that exist for people–whether or not they consider themselves to be blasian–to learn more about the underlying assumptions about the term.

One person offers their insight on a Tumblr page that is designed to answer any questions people may have about being blasian. She posts some truly insightful answers, while acknowledging that they are mostly opinion-based. Check it out for an interesting and positive view of the term!

by Julia Bates

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  1. Maryam Alkhaldi

     /  November 19, 2014

    After checking the tweets of the #blasian. I felt good and happy from seeing the positive vibe.
    I have always seen beauty in the mix ethnicity families. Unfortunately, our society is shaping the opinion of some people to stereotype or prejudiced against mix ethnicity families. Then, it comes the rule of us to speak our views through the social media to inspire and change the negative impacts in our society.



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