Confined Youth

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As the number of incarcerated youths in America continues to rise, there is some hope to be found in alternative approaches that are being adopted throughout the country.

Programs such as Juvenile Detention Alternative Solutions are decreasing the number of young people who are being held in correctional facilities, where it has been proven they are more likely to go on to commit crimes as an adult. As long as the arrested juvenile is not considered to be a danger, other practices can be employed instead of the traditional juvenile detention centers and prisons. These new practices will also decrease the need for funding through taxes. The source of the issue where young people of color are being put into the corrections department at an alarming rate compared to young White people still to be addressed, but at least for now the outcomes are starting to look less bleak.

by Elliott Anderson

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  1. Maryam A

     /  April 24, 2014

    Juvenile criminals are being more publicized in the news these days. The Juvenile Detention Alternative Solutions program should be considered a long-term plan to transform a potential threat to a worker and a parent in the future. The program should be recognized as a welcome center for second chance takers, regardless of skin color as long as they are willing to participate in the community. By doing so, the country will invest less money in the law enforcement segments, while benefiting services from the previous juveniles.



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