Progressive Pupil’s Top 5 Christmas Songs of All Time (This Year)


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There are two undeniably amazing things about Best Man Holiday. First, its one of 2.5 competently made feature films starring a predominantly Black cast (I can’t attest to the competency of any Tyler Perry film but it was made, so…). Second, its soundtrack is too dope for its own good. Its a great film to remind us all of how much fantastic pop music has been made in the spirit of the holiday season. In that same spirit we here at Progressive Pupil want to offer up some of our favorite songs to be the soundtrack to your Christmas.

5. Soul Holiday – You need to school yourself to the Sounds of Blackness. Aside from having the best name in all of pop music history they were a college gospel choir turned R&B group that were just showered with grammies and  NAACP awards in the early 90s. The group lost steam after their lead singer left in 1995 to pursue a solo career but not before they could drop off this adult contemporary classic.

4. Merry Christmas Baby – The winter months, and Christmas in particular, can be a pretty sad time for a lot of people, and Charles Brown captures that melancholy feeling in the air perfectly. I don’t know if its the slur he sings in or how surprised he sounds to not want a drink on Christmas morning, but I just don’t believe Charles when he says he’s feeling mighty fine.

3. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause  – Berry Gordy had Michael Jackson and the boys singing some pretty mature material back in Motown’s heyday. “Who’s Loving You” is some grown man pain that Michael faked fantastically, but the Jackson 5 really shined when they focused on the fact they they were a bunch of children and you don’t get more essential Jackson 5 than the coy naivete of of their holiday hit.


2. The Christmas Song – Nat King Cole was good at what he did. Over half a century since he first recorded what many would argue is the definitive Amer

1. Silent Night – Its one of the greatest covers of all time. Its one of the best R&B breakdowns of all time. Its the only time the Temptations let Melvin “Blue” Franklin get some shine other than that half-a-verse on “Poppa Was a Rolling Stone”. As sure as bass singers need love too, this is undoubtedly the best Christmas song of all time. At least this year.

by Justin B. Jones

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