Adopt The Progress in Your Spring 2014 College Course

College student in Georgia at racial profiling protest, courtesy Getty Images

College student in Georgia at racial profiling protest, courtesy Getty Images

Looking for a fresh and engaging way to teach your students about race?  Why create your own blog when you can participate in ours?

Progressive Pupil’s blog, The Progress, expands knowledge about the history, culture and politics of Black communities, promotes community engagement and encourages collaboration between diverse communities concerned about racial discrimination.  The blog is an excellent learning and civic engagement resource for undergraduates in American studies, African American studies, ethnic studies, history, political science, sociology and women and gender studies courses.  It’s editor-in-chief, Robin J. Hayes, PhD, is a professor who specializes in African diaspora studies and social movements.
Each month the blog’s content discusses different topics as they relate to the African diaspora, including Black History Month (February), Women’s History (March), Wellness and Environmental Justice (April) and LGBTQ Pride (June).  Here are just two assignment ideas:

“February is Black History Month.  Subscribe to Progressive Pupil’s blog The Progress and comment on one post per week that interests you.  At the end of the month, write a 500-word essay describing what you learned about African American identity and culture and how what you learned differed from images you see in the mainstream media.”

“Choose from this list of blog post ideas for Women’s History Month [provided by Progressive Pupil, it can be any month of your choosing].  Write a 750-word post and include a high quality image illustrating your post’s argument, which should provide information for readers about how to get involved in a community-based nonprofit.  The piece will be published in The Progress. We’ll reflect in class about your experiences creating this work and how they differ from other academic assignments you’ve done.”

These ideas are just a start.  Prof. Hayes and the rest of the editorial staff are happy to discuss customizing assignments to meet your curricular needs. To adopt The Progress in your Spring 2014 course and offer your students an opportunity for civic engagement, multi-cultural learning and writing skill enhancement, contact

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