courtesy of the Kieth Haring Foundation

courtesy of the Kieth Haring Foundation

 December 1 is World AIDS Day, a great occasion to step up your efforts to stop AIDS in Black communities in the US and internationally.

Get Tested – Knowing your status empowers you to take of yourself and your partner.

ACT UP—Support the fight for a cure as well as increased funding for research and social services.

Speak Out—Ignorance equals shame, self-destructive actions and also death.  Learn how to become a peer educator and teach your fellow students, teachers, activists and loved ones the facts about AIDS and HIV.

AIDS is a terrible reality but not inevitability.  Working together we can stop AIDS.

by Keith Haring 1990, courtesy Keith Haring Foundation

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  2. Blaire Smith

     /  December 13, 2013

    Getting tested is definitely the first step! I will never forget the first time I got tested. I was a freshman in college and the Health club was hosting their first Get Tested day of the year. A bunch of my girlfriends and I decided that it was definitely time to go and made a pact that we would all go together. I’ll never forget walking into the lab to get my blood drawn. I cant even describe the amount of anxiety that I felt while waiting 20 minutes to get my results. Finally, nurse Jackie called me in. Every scenario ran through my head and she even had to repeat my results because I was so in my head. “Blaire your results came back negative.” I felt such a sense of relief. Ever since that day I promised myself that I would get tested every year and haven’t missed an appointment since. Knowing your status is so important not only for yourself but for your partner/partners :).



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