Sugar–Not Just Another Sports Drama


The movie “Sugar” follows Miguel Santos, a.k.a. ‘Sugar’ on his journey from the Dominican Republic baseball academy to the United States’ minor leagues and his move to New York City. Before watching the movie, I thought it would be just another sports drama but just minutes in it becomes clear that baseball is secondary to the real story of the movie. “Sugar” displays,  in great detail, the difficulties that Santos faces while being in the United States. Despite the efforts of his host family to make him feel at home, and his one teammate from the Dominican Republic, Miguel doesn’t feel welcome in this new world where he does not speak the language fluently. As an immigrant to the United States, I can relate to some degree to the challenges that Miguel faced every day.

In my personal experience when moving to the Unites States at the age of 19, I learned that the community that surrounds you greatly influences your “American” experience. Finding acceptance in a supportive community makes the language barriers and the feelings of culture shock secondary. Like myself and other immigrants Santos adapted to and glean from the community and turned the unknown into home. Unfortunately, in Santos’s case, the character could not find the acceptance he desired in his Middle American experience, intensifying his feelings of alienation and exclusion. Personally, I recommend watching “Sugar”, it reflects the importance of community and opens up a dialogue to the underlying social issues that new migrants face in the United States.

by Pascal Rosenast, Organizational Change Management degree candidate at the New School for Public Engagement


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  1. Fatema Hayat

     /  November 22, 2013

    Moving to a new country is in itself a difficult experience, i can’t imagine doing that and not speaking or understanding the language fluently. Some people might expect it to be easier when moving to a big city like New York, on the contrary i personally thing it makes it harder in a city like NYC where people are busy and every minute of their lives counts. The pressure to fit and survive i believe makes it harder for people to adapt to this fast paced, competitive and materialistic driven city. I can’t wait to watch the movie, as a newbie to new york and a sport enthusiast.


  2. Bryan Counts

     /  December 3, 2013

    When I watched this film, I felt what it might be like to not understand another societies customs, culture and language. I could not imagine moving to a strange land, where everything is foreign, as it is I already have trouble going to restaurants or public venues where english is the second language. This is definitely a must watch film and a great way to help others understand that we all face struggles in life, and must be empathetic to one another in these struggles.



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