They Came Before Columbus


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Ivan Van Sertima was a literary critic, linguist, anthropologist, and the author of the Holte Prize winning book They Came Before Columbus: The African Presence in Ancient America. Van Sertima believed that mariners from West African nations such as Ghana, Mali, and Songhay landed in North America long before any European and had a persistently ignored influence on Indigenous American culture.

According to Van Sertima trade between Africa and the Americas began over two millennia ago. On Columbus’ second voyage to Haiti the Native Americans told him that black-skinned people had come from the south and southeast in boats, trading in gold-tipped metal spears. Olmec civilization revealed elements that were closely parallel to rituals and traits performed in Egypt at the same time and may have been the basis of Mexican culture.

Nicholas Leon was reporting that the first inhabitants of Mexico were Black as far back as 1919. In 1858 in the Gulf of Mexico a stone head was found with  vividly African features that weighed 10 tons and wore an Olmec helmet. Why was the truth about Ancient African American kept from the school systems? 

This was done to keep Africans in an inferior status mentally and physically to prolong slavery as long as possible . It was also done to ease the troubled minds of the veil ones involved because deep down they knew that slavery and oppression is morally wrong and the African race is not “inferior” in any aspect of human life.

 By Joann Crandall

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  1. LaKeisha

     /  November 13, 2013

    This is why I love Progressive Pupil, the mind blown effect…. While I want to look into this further, the awareness of such an issue brought to my attention has me most appreciative of the efforts of this blog to enlighten.



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