The Queen of Latin Soul

La Lupe. Image courtesy of BeingLatino.Us

La Lupe.
Image courtesy of BeingLatino.Us

Guadalupe Victoria “Yoli” Raymond was born in Santiago de Cuba two days before Christmas, 1936. Soon the world would come to know her as ‘La Lupe’, or ‘La YiYiYi’ (pr. GeeGeeGee). Her music touched millions, and La Lupe paved the way for other AfroCuban artists like Celia Cruz. Described by her older sister Norma Yoli as “just another Black girl from Santiago,” to Latin@ communities around the world, she was so much more. La Lupe remains an icon and a legend, the Queen of Latin Soul! In 1971, La Lupe told Look magazine, “I think people like me because I do what they like to but can’t get free enough to do.

To learn more about La Lupe’s life, music and legacy, check out this free documentary:

by Joanne Bermudez

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  1. LaKeisha

     /  September 19, 2013

    That woman had SOOOOUL. I love learning about strong women who are doing things their way and breaking social norms. I thoroughly enjoyed that documentary! Thank you for making us aware of this extraordinary Latina woman!


  2. Samantha Erskine

     /  November 9, 2013

    Thank you for highlighting La Lupe’s life. As an avid fan of salsa music, I had heard of La Lupe before your post but reading this short post inspired me to read more about her, where I learned about her life, struggles, and triumphs as an Afro-Latina immigrant who made a name for herself in the U.S. I love Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, and Fania but I’m saddened that La Lupe’s career declined with the changing times – and evolution of salsa music. I’m glad that she had a career rebound before she fell ill and that her legacy, talent, and music live on even after her passing.



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