Students Take on Mass Incarceration

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Despite the countless articles detailing the supposed apathy of the millennial generation, political activism is still alive and well on today’s college campuses. Of note is the growing number of chapters of Students Against Mass Incarceration (SAMI). SAMI first started at Howard University in 2011 and has since expanded to schools throughout the U.S., including Columbia University, Mount Holyoke College and Morgan State University.

While much of SAMI’s early activism organized around the execution of Troy Davis, more recent efforts are focused on getting its anti-prison message out through alternative mass media, including spots on BlogTalkRadio, the production of “mix tapes” and a “radio takeover” for Voxunion. According to an article in The Daily Collegian, “(SAMI) is a student organization dedicated to exploring issues of political prisoners and promotes awareness on the controversial structure of the United States prison system.” Furthermore, SAMI links the practice of mass incarceration “to both the attempt to socially control people of color and to accumulate profits for both private and public prison institutions.”

Howard University student protesters at Troy Davis rally. Image courtesy of the Guardian UK

Howard University students at Troy Davis rally. Image courtesy of the Guardian UK

Through its activism and organizing, SAMI champions the abolition of the current prison system, favoring a restorative approach, which addresses those issues which contribute to the economic and social disenfranchisement of African Americans. To learn more about SAMI’s work and how to create a local chapter visit their website:

by Ian Morlan

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  2. michael alle

     /  August 7, 2013

    I am a rally organizer for a grass roots org called End Mass Incarceration, see us on fb…I am involved with some associates in holding rallies and events in St Louis, Little Rock and Houston…we need your help and support to grow this and to show ‘them’ that we are EVERYWHERE! Help us help you help those caught up in this corrupted evil system. I can be reached at Michael Allen fb, look for the pissed of infant. contact me, lets talk, its time we all STAND UP AND FIGHT BACK…ma



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