The End of Poverty


In a world where there is so much wealth…how can we still have so much poverty?-Narrator, The End of Poverty

This is the question Philippe Diaz’s 2008 movie, The End of Poverty, seeks to answer. The groundbreaking film is shocking, enraging but also critically important. It meticulously documents the injustice of economic inequality and exploitation, while also demonstrating how the violence of colonialism, slavery and imperialism continues today. Europe and the U.S. control land and natural resources throughout Africa, Latin America and Asia, a continuation of colonial policies, with multinational corporations augmenting state interests.

This is a process first described by Kwame Nkrumah as neocolonialism. The film indicts transnational corporations, the IMF, the World Bank and other international power players for audaciously penalizing the Global South. These nations are burdened with insurmountable debt, while European and American companies ruthlessly extract resources and displace millions of people around the world. Not one for fatalism, Diaz ends his film with a call to action and outlines a plan to eradicate poverty by 2025. Check out the trailer and catch the full film on Netflix instant to learn how you can help end poverty!

by Shannon Shird

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