Impressive Turn-out and Enthusiastic Support for “Black and Cuba”

Progressive Pupil would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who came out to our work in progress screening of Black and Cuba on May 17th! After many months years of work on the project, Director Robin J. Hayes and editor Michele Chang were excited to share their work with Artists, Activists, Scholars, Students, Teachers and Allies who believe that racism and class can be overcome.

Robin J. Hayes and Jafari S. Allen discuss “Black and Cuba” after the screening.

The feedback we received during the talkback with Jafari S. Allan and the reception was overwhelmingly positive and constructive. We’re looking forward to releasingBlack and Cuba on DVD and digital download once the final touches are complete.

Sylvia’s in Harlem catered the reception. People loved their meatballs and sassy rice!

Though we raised over $2,000 through ticket sales and donations, we are still fundraising to wrap up the project. Your help will assist us in:

  • Color Correction and Sound Mix We want you to have the best possible viewing experience. It will make the film lush and vibrant, like Cuba
  • Editing The lively pace and stirring emotional quality of Black and Cuba are made possible by our gifted and fastidious editor, Michele Chang.
  • Footage and Music Permissions The film uses compelling archival footage and beautiful music from libraries and independent musicians.
  • HDCAM Master Film Festivals, DVD reproduction facilities and internet streaming hosts require a copy of the film in this high-quality format for distribution.

If you attended the screening, had a good time, and enjoyed the work-in-progress version of Black in Cuba, we hope you will consider making a small donation. If you didn’t make it to the screening but are inspired by the film and its mission, there are still great perks available through our IndieGoGo campaign.

We are unbelievably grateful for your continued support in this project. Thank you.

Black and Cuba Trailer from Progressive Pupil on Vimeo.

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